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Cooked Products

Cooked Ham £13.40 /kg
Cooked Pork Chep £1.50 each
Roast Beef £14.20
Roast Pork £10.58
Roast Turkey £11.50
Roast Bacon £10.70
Ox Tongue £17.50
Corned Beef £9.00
Stuffed Chine £11.50
Large Sausage Rolls £0.50 each
Large Pork Pies 454g/1lb £3.70 each
Medium Pork Pies 341g/3/4 lb £2.70 each
Small Pork Pies 227g/0,5lb £1.50 each
Cornish Pasties £2.00 each
Large Beef Steak Pie £3.80 each
Small Beef Steak Pie £2.20 each
Chicken Mushroom £1.90 each
Scotch Egg £1.35 each
Sausage Pie £5.95/kg
Cutting Pie £9.40/kg
Chicken/Ham Pie £11.00/kg
Large Braun £1,00 each
Small Braun £0,50 each
Scraps £8.60/kg
Black Pudding £4.30/kg
Haslet 454g/1lb £2.28 each
Pork Dripping £5.11/kg
Lard £2.70/kg


Side £2.44/KG
Full Leg £3.00/kg
Leg £7.05 /kg
Shoulder £4.80/kg
Full Loin £4.30 /kg
Loin £7.09/kg
Pork Steak £7.53/kg
Fillet (Pork tenderloin) £6.87/kg
Crop Chop £5.26 /kg
Chop £6.30/kg
Full Belly £4.20 /kg
Belly £5.40/kg
Chep £1.50 each
Hock £2.50 each
Trotter £0.80 reach
Ear £0.80 each
Liver £3.45/kg
Kidney £3.45/kg
Cubed Pork £5.70/kg
Mince Pork £5.37/kg
Lincolnshire Sausage £6.52/kg
Spare Ribs £5.75 /kg
Chipolatas £6.79/kg
Quarter Pound Pork & Apple Burgers £0.60each


Onion;Military;Farmhouse;Sweet Sliced Beetroot £1,98 each


Tomato; Beetroot; Rhubarb; Rhubarb Ginger;
Apricot; Flaming Hot; Autumn Fruit; Traditional;
Ploughmans Real Ale
£1,98 each


Bolognese, Sweet and Sour, Curry £1,98 each


Blackcurrant; Gooseberry; Raspberry; Victoria Plum;
Summer Fruit; & English Honey
£1,98 each



Forequarter £POA
Hind Quarter £POA
Sirloin £21.50 /kg
Topside £11.70/kg
Silverside £11.70/kg
Brisket £8.13 /kg
Chine £8 /kg
Rump Steak £14.25 /kg
Sirloin Steak £21.50 /kg
Full Fillet Steak £27 /kg
Fillet Steak £35.00 /kg
Braising Steak £9.35/kg
Shin £7.05 /kg
Stewing Beef £9.00 /kg
Mince Beef £6.60 /kg
Liver £3.50/kg
Oxtail £7.70each
Beef Sausage £5.32 /kg
Quarter Pound Beef Burgers £0.60 each


Chicken £3.79/kg
Fillets £7.25/kg
Portions (leg or wing) £3.59/kg
Carcass £POA
Turkey £POA
Turkey Crown £POA
Turkey Crown Off Bone £POA
Goose £POA
Cockerel £POA
Eggs x 6 (locally produced) £0.99

Cured Products

Back Bacon £7.50/kg
Back Bacon Joints £7.10/kg
Smoked Bacon £7.80/kg
Dry Cured Bacon £5.40/kg
Streaky Bacon £5.40/kg
Gammon Whole £5.75/kg
Gammon Half £5.75/kg
Gammon Joints £7.53/kg
Gammon Steaks (thick cut) £8.00/kg


Shoulder £7.30 /kg
Leg £9.20/kg
Loin £10.40/kg
Chop £11.50/kg
Chump Chop £11.60/kg
Liver £5.30/kg

Promo Pack

Lincolnshire Pork Sausage (5lb/2.272kg) £11.60
Beef Sausage (5lb/2.272kg) £7.90
Pork Chops (5lb/2.272kg) £9.50
Crop Chops (5lb/2.272kg) £9.50
Sliced Belly Pork (5lb/2.272kg) £9.50
Stewing Beef (5lb/2.272kg) £15.90
Mince Beef (5lb/2.272kg) £5.37.00
2x Chickens £6.99
Chicken Fillets (5lb/2.272kg) £13.90
Quarter Pound Pork & Apple Burgers x 10 £5.40
Quarter Pound Beef Burgers x 10 £5.00



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